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OnPoz EZField - GNSS/Survey Data Collection Software (Windows Mobile Device Only)

$1,043.90 (Inc. GST)
$949.00 (Ex. GST)
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EZField is a powerful yet easy to use survey software for collecting GNSS survey data, including points, lines and polygons. EZField allows the use of NMEA and raw data. EZField only works on Windows Mobile devices.

Data acquisition software for surveying with an L1-GNSS system

EZField is especially designed to facilitate and manage GNSS data acquisition for accurate post-mission surveying (cm). It handles multiple GNSS receiver brands and all types of field operations: static, semi-kinematic and kinematic.

Simplified post-processing solution

By combining EZField with EZSurv, you can count on one of the easiest post-processing solutions to use. EZSurv is fully automated in post-processing GNSS observations using your own GNSS base or network of GNSS bases available world-wide. Post-processing offers better precision and greater reliability: the essential elements to ensure the integrity of your georeferenced databases.

Ready for cost-effective land surveying

EZField is a proven data collection solution that transforms a low cost GNSS-L1 receiver into a powerful centimeter accuracy device. Used along with EZSurv post-processing software, you can achieve high accuracy results at a fraction of the cost of a dual frequency system. EZField and EZSurv is the most reliable combination currently available on the market to ensure post-processed centimeter accuracy positions using single frequency GNSS-L1 receivers in semi-kinematic mode. When using EZField along with EZSurv post-processing software, you can count on effortless post-processing at a single keystroke.