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Rugged Handsfree Chest Pack for Getac F110 Rugged Tablet

$427.90 (Inc. GST)
$389.00 (Ex. GST)
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The Rugged Handsfree Chest Pack for Getac F110 Rugged Tablet is a carrier chest harness that utilises a MOLLE compatible system (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) and Fidlock Snap fastener system to secure and carry the Getac F110 tablet as well as pouches, bag and holsters (sold separately). The main use for Rugged Handsfree Chest Pack for Getac F110 Rugged Tablet is to free the hands of users for other use while carrying the Getac F110 tablet in the field as well as other objects and devices. The Rugged Handsfree Chest Pack for Getac F110 Rugged Tablet is designed to be used comfortably for an entire day of work in the field.
While using the Rugged Handsfree Chest Pack for Getac F110 Rugged Tablet, the tablet is conveniently located in the zippered pouch closest to the body. It is securely attached to the pack by a quick release attached to the back of the tablet with lanyards over each corner of the tablet. The tablet is stored and transported with the zippered pouch closed. To use the tablet user just need to unzip the pouch, fold down the pack, side the tablet away from your body to place the tablet in the optimal position for viewing and data entry.
Rugged and lightweight, the harness is made from mesh with three rows of high-density foam against the user's body. This ensures the harness is well ventilated and remains comfortable in all conditions.
MOLLE compatible items are secured on the harness by weaving the included plastic staves through alternating rows of webbing on the harness and back of the item being secured to the harness. The staves may be removed from the harness by opening the zippers that run along the bottom of the harness. The staves also function to ensure that the harness maintains its shape and provide some protection for the user from the attached items.
Being modular (MOLLE compatible), the Rugged Handsfree Chest Pack for Getac F110 Rugged Tablet gives the user the option to choose and change different modular attachments to suit the user requirements. All components in the Rugged Handsfree Chest Pack are black but the front cover can be removed and replaced with a high visibility colour or pocketed front cover. In addition, optional bottle holder, radio holster and utility pouch can be purchased separately.

Is designed to carry Getac F110 rugged tablet models safely while keeping it easily accessible. Frees up the hands for other use in a situation where the user needs to carry multiple objects and devices. The tablet is attached to the support with lanyards over each corner. The mesh construction provides a well-ventilated harness that is comfortable in all weather conditions. Folds down to facilitate ergonomic and efficient data entry in both portrait and landscape. The Support Tray secures the tablet using the Fidlock Snap fastener system which combines the convenience of a magnetic fastener with the stability of a mechanical snap fastener. High density closed cell foam protects the tablet when zipped inside the pack. Customize both function and appearance of the Rugged Chest Pack by purchasing additional front covers - with or without pockets. The MOLLE system (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) is used to secure the chest pack. Attachment Modules such as Bottle Holder, Radio Holster, Shoulder Pocket, Utility Pouch, etc can be attached and changed according to user's need. The Rugged Chest Pack will fit individuals between 155cm and 195cm tall with a mid-section between 66cm and 127cm (circumference at your belly button). Utilizes plastic staves woven through alternating rows of webbing to secure pouches, holsters and chest packs on the harness. It is quick to take on and off by using the zipper that joins the front panel to the side panel.

1 Year Warranty