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Realwear HMT-1 Workband (Premium Design Mounting Option)

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Realwear HMT-1 Workband (Premium Design Mounting Option)

For HMT-1 only.

The Workband is brand new - designed for the Firstline Connected Worker in auto service industries, warehouses, hospitals and other firstline industries where hard hats are not mandatory.  The designs was based on extensive user testing and customer feedback. 

The Workband extends and expands the HMT-1, taking hands-free experience to new levels.  It gives workers more mobility than ever for swifter repairs and action.  Its wide forehead area creates the perfect amount of surface area for outstanding device stability.  It is lightweight, washable, and clippable. 

rear adjustable strap fits most head sizesand the tall clips easily and securely attach to the HMT-1. Reflective logo on front improves visibility.

1 Year Warranty